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Mukuru project area Lunga Lunga


Eustus Muthini was born on 27/04/1998 at Pumwani hospital in Nairobi County. The delivery was normal and the child weighed 2.8kgs.The labor pain lasted for six hours. Generally Eustus was healthy and fully attained all the developmental milestones from head control to walking.

In the year 2000 at the age of one year and 8 months, Eustus developed fever and was rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital where he was diagnosed with severe meningitis and he hospitalized for three months, One month at the Intensive care Unit (ICU) and Two months at pediatric ward. On discharge Eustus could not control the head, feed and the developed milestones had regressed. On this realization, the doctors at the hospital informed Eustus Mother that he had developed Cerebral Palsy (CP)which is a neurodevelopmental disorder caused by the injury to the developing brain.

In regard to the treatment, he was referred to the occupational Therapy for treatment where he attended for one month but the parent could not afford the costly treatment. During this period when Eustus and the parents were just at home after stopping to attend therapy. A team of APDS staff visited the family while they were doing their door-to-door survey for disability identification and management. This meant a new dawn in the family since free therapy services started being offered at home level and assistive and mobility devices.

Later in the same year, The Apdk team introduced Eustus mother to a support group where parents and people with disability (PWD) were meeting to share ideas on disability. The group really assisted the mother to accept and cope up with the child with disability. The group came up with an idea of opening a day Care centre where they could leave their children during the day to go and engage in income generating activities. Eustus remained at the day care until 2013/when a special unit was opened at the star of hope primary to integrate the CWD within the regular school set up. Currently he is at the special unit at the school.  This has been a wonderful journey since he has been able to achieve the following;

  • Schooling
  • Can socialize n with other children through play.
  • Can roll from prone to supine.
  • Recognizes common face's and people.

Despite all the above Eustus still as the following challenges:

  • Poor hand functioning
  • Impaired eye-hand coordination

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