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Age: 64years

Residence: Ambira Nyagan village near Ngunya primary school

Contacts: 0713878100

Patient History

  • Has been well until 1997 when he developed certain complications and was treated at Siaya county referral and at home. He then developed more complications and was hospitalized at Alupe hospital.
  • He was diagnosed with cancer which led to amputation above the knee in 2003.
  • He has been using crutches as the mobility aid.

Family and social History

  • He is married with one wife and blessed with six children who are all grownups. He currently stays with his wife and both are peasant farmers. He makes ropes and sell for up keep.
  • Due to financial constrain, he couldn’t afford to meet the cost of the appliance.
  • He was excited that he will have a prosthesis he has been yearning for.


On Examination

  • Elderly man
  • Walks with aid crutches
  • Stump is good


  • Above knee Amputee


  • For above knee prosthesis
  • For forearm crutches


The photos below are the key steps of fabricating his prosthesis:


Figure 12 measurement taking for prosthesis

Figure 13 cast taking
Figure 14 Lamination process
Figure 15 Fitting and gait training

Get Involved

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