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About 300 million people in Africa have a disability 





Our Mission 

Strengthen rehabilitation services and mainstream disability for empowerment of persons with disabilities

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Improving the quality of life of Persons with Disabilities



APDK’s Club Foot Care Clinic uses the Ponsetti method which is a non-surgical method to correct club foot.
 6,182 benefitted from our Club Foot Care Clinics. Read Jayden's Story 
APDK offers surgical intervention in collaboration with Cure International Kijabe
           Hope for functional restoration
Your health is our focus.  We offer  Physical Rehabilitaion, in 2018,  72,581 benefitted from services read more 
APDK is the leading local manufacturer of appropriate wheelchairs in Kenya that are custom-made to fit the user’s medical condition and environmental needs. APDK wheelchairs are produced using the WHO Wheelchair Guideline.
       "If there is a wheel, there is away" 
 13,056 benefitted from assistive technology   Read Mercy's ...



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Support our Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CCBR) 


We have structured our activities and interventions using the WHO Community Based Rehabilitation Strategy (CBR) which involves addressing issues affecting persons with disabilities as right and not a need.  The CBR Strategy is a matrix that focuses on five components Health, Education, Livelihood, Social and Empowerment.

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